Calling for Beta Users: Auto-Resolve your PagerDuty Alerts :)

Hi y’all! I’m Albert, the Product Manager for the LogDNA Ecosystem team, and I’m excited to let you in early for a special feature not yet released to the general public.

The LogDNA <> PagerDuty alert integration is super helpful for notifying SREs when incidents occur, but knowing when an incident is over can be difficult. Today, this largely means monitoring the LogDNA View and manually resolving PagerDuty alerts when things are back to normal.

To solve this, we’re enabling any PagerDuty incident created via a LogDNA Alert to be auto-resolved! That means you can now set up PagerDuty alerts to auto-resolve based on ongoing log data without requiring manual intervention.

We’d love to have some beta users for this feature. Please respond to this post and the first 30 customers who respond will get exclusive access to this feature. I’ll reach out via the email you have on your Discourse account to get your account ID to turn on the feature for your account :smiley:

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