Calling for Beta Users: Spike Protection with Index Rate Alerting

Hey, my name is Ming, and I’m a senior product manager working on cost and usage management features at LogDNA.

What can you do with Index Rate Alerting?

Use this feature to protect against unexpected spikes in log volume. It could be a runaway log, someone forgetting to turn off debug, or a developer deploying a new app that is causing a large spike in log volume. Use Index Rate Alerting to be notified early and take action to prevent unexpected spikes from crushing your set quota.

Comment on the thread if you want a demo or have any feedback for this feature!


Tim here! I collaborated closely with @ming.zhou and led the design of this feature. I will also be here to absorb feedback and any answer questions you have. We’re excited for you to check it out and join us in making your bills more predictable without worrying so much about costly, unexpected spikes. :sunglasses:


Hi @timsilva @ming.zhou - could you please enable this for me?

I’m not sure how you’re going to work out which account is mine so please DM me if you need that info.


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Hey David!

For sure, sending you an email via the one listed on your profile to confirm your account ID.

Chat soon