Client side IP address when using logdna-browser?

I’m trying out GitHub - logdna/logdna-browser: A frontend browser logging and exception capturing library for LogDNA to log certain events from a web app. In the log viewer, none of the captured events include the client side IP address.

It would seem to be something that could be associated with the event at ingest, but I’m not seeing where to do that. (Better than having the client determine its own IP and then write it into the event from the client side…)

Any ideas? Thanks!


Hey Stephent! Glad to hear that you’re interested in using our browser logger. Indeed right now we don’t have a way of enabling client IP address capture directly from our ingestion endpoint.

Our current recommendation would be to retrieve the IP either via your own app or through a third party and attach it to the logger context, which we know isn’t ideal. We do appreciate the feedback, It’s definitely something we want to have in the long term (in fact we had a third-party IP detection functionality in early builds but removed it because it was a suboptimal solution). However, it’s not on the near term roadmap just yet.