FAQ about Our Community

Can I sign up without creating yet another account somewhere?

Yes! You can sign in with GitHub. We will be evaluating additional authentication providers as we grow.

Hey, I’m logged in, but I can’t post!

We’re using Discourse’s built-in trust levels, which helps prevent spam or other abuse in the forum. If you’re a new user, you will be at trust level 0 and will not be able to post until you reach level 1. To reach level 1, you need to open and read a thread or two and spend at least 10 minutes logged in and active.

How can I get notified when there’s an incident or outage?

You can subscribe to our status page at https://status.logdna.com/ to get a notification. Status Page allows you to choose to be notified via email or use an RSS feed to get automatic posts to your own Slack instance (or any other feed system). To learn more about Status Page itself, you can read more here.

How can I reach support to get help?

You can reach support either by going through the UI’s Help button or emailing the support team at support@logdna.com. Our docs help you find your way to the button if you can’t find it: About LogDNA.

On the other hand, if you have a general question you want to pose to everyone who uses LogDNA, you can post here! Be very careful not to post confidential information, though, as the forums are publicly accessible and searchable through your favorite search engine. If you’re not sure whether the information is confidential, err on the side of asking our support team with the Help button or the email address for support.