Feedback on KubeCon Lab 2021

I think UI is simple enough, but the main question is how expensive such PAAS solution in comparrison to competitor offerings who also offer a lot more then just logs (APM, Metrics, Alerting, Visualisation Boards, etc) ? Also I’d expect first assighnment be related to deploying agents in Kubernetes cluster (for KubeCon), so that I can see logs directly from it - like in ELK, Loki, Datadog or any other, rather then filtering pre-configured logs. I have neutral experience.

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Great feedback on the lab; thank you! We were aiming to make it simple for first-time users who may not have enough experience with Kubernetes to stand up their own cluster, and I definitely want to bring more Kubernetes-focused experiences here to the lab on the next round. Part of the concern is ensuring that no one mixes the lab data with live production data (as a former admin, I know how much of a pain that would be!), as well. However, all of that being said, I’d love to offer a more comprehensive deep dive, and I hope that the next lab experience you may have with us meets those expectations :slight_smile: