How to participate in the KubeCon EU 2021 lab and forum

Welcome to the LogDNA Lab forum! We’re excited you’re here to try out LogDNA as part of KubeCon EU 2021. Note that, for this lab, you must use a trial account to prevent lab data from getting mixed up with your production data.

To try LogDNA and get your raffle entries:

  • Sign up for a trial account at Grab your ingestion key from the second onboarding screen (after naming your organization).
  • Use this Google Form to add your ingestion key to our demo system. Demo data will begin populating within 10 minutes.
    You’ve earned two more entries by getting this far!
  • Familiarize yourself with the platform:
    • Once you see data populate into our Live Tail, get familiar with the platform by scrolling through the data and attempting your own searches.
  • Search for lab-specific data:
    • Search through our log data and find any mention of “” that occurs within the “order-confirmation” and “checkout” microservices.
  • Create an Alert with the search active (i.e., the search terms are still the search bar):

At this point, you’ve earned five more entries for completing the lab, which you’ll get automatically when the alerts start hitting our inbox! Want to earn some bonus entries? Here’s a couple more tasks to do:

Thanks for participating in our lab! The KubeCon EU 2021 lab is now finished, and everyone can explore what you learned. If you’re interested in doing one of the labs in the future, keep an eye here on the community for announcements!