LogDNA Lambda extension on roadmap?

Is there any plan on your roadmap to have a LogDNA Lambda extension? We would love to not have to maintain a CloudWatch > LogDNA Lambda function as we come up against policy size limits every so often which are a pain.


Hi @sdgluck — PM on the Ecosystem team here at LogDNA. We currently do not have Lambda extensions on the roadmap but would be interested to learn a bit more about how a LogDNA Lambda extension could help your use case and what policy size limits you’re running into?

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Hi Albert.

We serve our API with Lambda.

We have many Lambda functions for each environment (prod & staging) to allow for easy rollbacks plus a Lambda function per developer branch. As you can imagine this means we have lots of Lambda functions at any one time.

We use a single CloudWatch>LogDNA Lambda function, using the Lambda code you provide for this purpose.

Each of our API Lambda functions has its own CloudWatch log group. We then subscribe the CloudWatch>LogDNA Lambda function to each log group.

The problem is that the Lambda execution policy has an upper limit of the size of 24KB, IIRC.

We often hit this limit and then our CI fails to deploy one of our API Lambda functions.

If there was a LogDNA Lambda extensions Lambda layer, we would not have this problem because each of our API Lambdas could use this layer individually, and each Lambda function would stream the logs to LogDNA directly, not via CloudWatch>Lambda>LogDNA.

Hope that makes sense.


Hi — apologies for the delayed reply.

For the execution policy limits, have you tried some of the solutions indicated here? Resolve Lambda resource-based policy size limit errors

As for the AWS Lambda extension request, can you create an issue in this GH repo (GitHub - logdna/logdna-cloudwatch: AWS Lambda for logging from CloudWatch into LogDNA) so we can start tracking this request? There could be others that would like the same feature and I’d like to make sure what we build can satisfy as many use cases as possible.