Welcome to Our Community!

Welcome to LogDNA’s community forum!

I’m Laura Santamaria, LogDNA’s developer advocate, and on behalf of the LogDNA team, we’re so happy you’re here.

This forum is a spot for all of us to have conversations and ask questions about LogDNA, including our open-source projects and the product itself. We welcome product feedback, requests for general help, or discussions.

To participate in this forum, please note you need to abide by the Code of Conduct so everyone is welcome and can safely participate. If you need to talk with someone about our Code of Conduct or to raise a concern, please email me at laura.santamaria@logdna.com.

If you need support, you can email our support team at support@logdna.com, which will file a ticket with our team. You can also contact support inside the LogDNA app by selecting “Contact Support” in the menu. Note that specific account support needs have to go through our ticket system to reach the support team.

Thanks for joining us, and we can’t wait to talk with you!